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Witness How It Gets Made!

“I love how that “fill-in-the-blank” works, looks and feels!” How did they make it?

As a consultant, using the equipment, product and services that spa industry vendor partners provide, is imperative, important and of course - in this business of spa and wellness - certainly a lot of fun! It’s important for us to specify equipment that represents our industry’s finest, in manufacturing processes, product durability and longevity, employee education and training, and ultimately customer service.

During my recent trip to Italy, I had the opportunity to experience Technogym’s Wellness Village in Cesena, on the East Coast of the country. The experience was educational, motivational and extremely exciting! From the moment of arrival at the main gate, the large glass building beckons, with jogging trails all over the property. Seems odd that anyone wants to run out of doors when the best state of the art equipment inside the coolest fitness gym awaits, but the makers of that special Italian fitness product line like to get out too!

There are always cool things happening at Technogym, but the latest is the introduction of the Skill Line. The Skill Mill has been extremely popular for athletic performance training in combination with high intensity interval training (HIIT). And, it's all resistance based and non motorized! In Cesena, there is a fabulous room set up as an example for functional training group activity. There are Skillmills, plyo boxes (for jumping), a Skillrow (the new Technogym rower), kettle bells, and a multi-station Omnia 3 or 8. This is an ideal setup for a movement studio, or section of a gym, where multiple guests can work out together and even compete for best time, heartrate and overall performance. If you visit, you have hundreds of choices of equipment to play on, and an app on your phone that can help track those workouts.

From the grand glass entrance, to the wellness showroom, the Technogym University, R&D department, gardens and wellness restaurant, The Technogym Wellness Village is quite a place and should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list!

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